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The operational activities of running a business ranges from small and time consuming activities to big and expensive activities. And, we with our Experienced Professionals help you concentrate on your core activities and make you grow to the top of your Profit Earning Matrix.

AmelCS with its smart business solutions provide you with our Professional Services for:

Data Entry Solutions:

Our Professional and Cost effective Data Entry Solutions saves lot of your time and provide you the desired data with a high accuracy rate.

Data Entry Process:

We access and download the data

We sort, classify and allocate data

We perform data entry

We check for quality

Completed work is delivered

Meaning of Data Entry or What is Data Entry?

The term ‘Data Entry’ refers to direct input of data in the relevant fields of database by human data input device.

Our Services

  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Back Office Tasks
  • Back Office Tasks
  • Captcha Entry
  • Cart Entry
  • Excel Data Entry
  • Medical Data Entry
  • PDF Data Entry
  • Image Data Entry
  • Image Processing
  • Image Editing
  • Survey Data Entry
  • Web Data Mining
  • Web Research
  • Scanning
  • Product Data Entry

Our Team

At AmelCS we ensure to make you get rid of time consuming operational tasks. Not only this saves your time but also is very cost effective at just 1.79$/hour. Our Professional Experts follow a streamlined process on the basis of your requirements and delivers you with the output with a high accuracy rate. With our professional Data Entry Services we aim to deliver the quality work with high accuracy rate. We do Online Data Entry and Offline Data Entry Work.

Why Outsource Data Entry to us:

  • This saves your time, as we do the task for you and provides you with ample time to focus on your core activities of Business.
  • Get the Competitive Advantage. So, now you outsourced your Data Entry Tasks to us this means you have more time to think and implement new policies.
  • Cost Effective, as we only charge 1.79$/hour. If you take monthly Single pack get 30% Discount. This means 1.79$ * 1(No. Of persons) * 5(Working Days in a week) * 8(Working Hours in a day) * 4(Weeks in a month) =286$. And, also you save 30% so minus discount you only need to pay: 199$/month for a single person for a month.
  • We promise Quality Results with High Accuracy Rate. We are confident on this as we take special Quality Checks to ensure this.
  • Our Passionate, Experienced and Professional people work for you under your guidelines, so you still remain the Boss and control the things.

These are just few and we can discuss many, So Contact Us Now…

Online Business Branding:

The objective of Brand Promotion activities is to increase the sales volume and market share. One way to achieve this is by attracting potential customers who might be interested in the product. Brand-AmelCS provides you with list of services for enhancement of your Brand.

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