Image Optimization

Does image optimization affect SEO? If yes, how?

Images always come as a treat to the eyes. Images can explain things in simpler ways and thereby help a person understand things better. Even when one is online, image work as cues thereby making it easier work to go through hectic things. Images can be subject to copyright issues, but those have loopholes which can be used to avoid problems in the long run.

Image optimization does affect SEO and can have amazing and drastic effects. Here are some of the positive effects of SEO:

  1. Making searches better: Optimization of images can end up having a huge impact. This is because Google image search results often bring up these pictures. Thereby the site gets available to a lot of people; the site attracts a lot of people. For this purpose, the images need to be optimized to the right size. There are certain algorithms that come into play when search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others show up results of different things. Thereby if one wants to want their picture to be seen as the most desirable one then image size needs to according to a few requirements. Not just for popping up first in searches but also for loading in a much lower time, the image size needs to be fixed. There is more discussion on this in the next point.

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  2. Taking minimal time to load: Optimization fastens the process of loading images on websites thereby causing no harassment to the user. If a site takes a lot of time to load, it might end up having a bad impression on the person using it. Online users are not patient at all, everyone is in a hurry and a new statistical survey shows that the maximum time people usually wait for in not more than 30 seconds and the minimum being 3 seconds. Thereby if the site is slow and loads later, it will add up to loss of traffic. Here the image size plays a role too, hence images should be kept up to a certain size preferably under hundred kb and this will actually help.
  3. Appealing to the eyes: As mentioned earlier, images are usually added to make the website look even more attractive. Better resolution pictures attract a lot of crowd on the site. It’s a very common thing to see that sites having blogs with pictures have more reach over the internet than with ones which do not have.

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  4. Keeping an eye on the click count: Now one must be wondering what click count is exactly. Well, this means that at any point of time on the internet, especially social media channels whenever a post or picture gets clicks that add up. And recent stats show that blogs with attractive images have a higher number of clicks than ones without it. Hence optimizing images can help increase the number of clicks per post as well.


These were a few good effects of optimization of images, other than these there are a few things that need to keep in mind. The image name needs to be optimized as well so that any kind of search results related to it have the image as a result and even the image alt text needs to write properly. Above all only JPEG, GIF and PNG file types can be used to upload images.


Are you looking for SEO Company in Chandigarh for Professional SEO Services?

SEO (i.e. search engine optimisation) has become the buzzword nowadays because of its wide benefits that businesses are having. To understand this completely, you have to know the full definition of SEO.
SEO is described as – it is the practice of enhancing the quality and quantity of traffic to your site via organic search engine outcomes.

Let’s segregate this into more parts to go deeper into the meaning:
Quality of traffic – through SEO you can attract all the seekers in the world but on the other hand, one gets to attract the projected seekers. This saves time to a considerable amount.
The quantity of traffic – Once you possess the correct people clicking through those SERPs, your traffic increases.

Organic outcomes – Advertisements make a significant part of many SERPs. Organic traffic is the one where you don’t have to shed money.

Hence SEO services in India are increasing too. They are assisting the business in many parts of the country. One of the best places among other is SEO services in Chandigarh.

How does it work?
You might think that you visit a site search engine box and type your query/topic and pressing enter gives the result within seconds. But have you ever thought of the actual mechanism behind that search results which came out?

Here’s the thing – Google gathers data regarding your query and by its algorithm, it catches the one which matches your words by the binary language. The “o” in SEO is the optimisation of the search engine and done by the people who write all the content and uploads, and the users who arrive via a search engine will like what they will find out.

The optimisation can be of many types – It ensures that meta-definitions and title tags are both informative and the correct length to refer internal links at site pages you are longing to see. Most SEO company in Chandigarh work hard to get their client’s search engine results to be highly optimised. Companies in Panchkula are also trying to get their work done at a different level so as to gain popularity.

Here are some potential benefits of hiring an SEO company in your business
As a matter of fact, you need a website preference whether you are developing apps or running a fusion bistro. To describe it in a nutshell, it means you are creating a website that assists you in transforming your visitors to customers.

That also describes that you require optimisation of the search engine. Competing with several billions of websites out there, it the only method to get popularity. It is not possible to convert visitors who never visited the website. Unless you are an expert in this field, there happens to be a pile of reasons to hire a good SEO company:

Saves a lot of time – Most business managers find it difficult to complete every work through the week. Hence, with the increasing amount of work pressure also increases. SEO is a certain area of expectation. For example, SEO companies in Mohali cover everything from content to keywords and even whatever links you are using. It is also a never-ending state of evolution because it should manage itself with the transformations in the Search Engine algorithms. In a nutshell. It is a full-time work and you are already possessing one of those. Upon outsourcing your optimisers makes you independent from all the site works.

Gives a boost to corrective actions – You must have realised that your website can affect your SEO outcomes. Everything matters – from load time of the site to the image sizes that the site uses. So optimising all these features makes your website user-friendly. An experienced SEO company like that present in Derabassi, India will do a thorough scanning of your site. They will inform you what fixes are vital and provide a suggestion for less critical rectifications. Some of the companies like that in Kharar, India even provide a tool for site auditing. Based on your management skills, some will even do the fixes for you or make a new site.

An experienced SEO company provides skills which are highly needed – The digital world is overflowing with numbers and figures like tweets, sign-ups and likes. So it becomes for a non-expert to find out which numbers are meaningful and which are not. Hiring a professional SEO organisation introduces you to professionals who actually know the difference between meaningful and the ones which don’t matter. On the other hand, they also advise you about what techniques and strategies fit the best in your business.

Reporting becomes easy – To get a hold on the business analytics is a huge work for a business. A renowned SEO company examines the results for you and provides you with a simplified version. They’ll tell you which keywords will do the best and which won’t. They’ll assist you in identifying your favourite source of traffic, which can give you a new dimension.

Avoiding expensive mistakes – It sounds kind of impossible, but you can actually over-optimise your site. When you are using the keyword phrase too frequent, you are not optimising but rather you are doing keyword stuffing. If by mistake you end up in the wrong directory, you will be affected badly with search engines. Search engine professionals will hit the right balance while guiding you properly out of costly wrongdoings.

Gaining better ROI as compared to normal Ads – Now ROI (return on investment) is actually a big factor for your business. This number is what exactly running your business. Every time a visitor visits your website that is being converted to money. Hence, a greater conversion rate is what you are going to benefit from the SEO company that you hired. This potential cannot be matched with any other form of marketing. Google searches certainly get hold of the people who looked for the tag in your website. These people were also looking for your items. Ads can be from anyone. Several people may click on an Ad by mistake. Hence, a reference from Google is much more worth over a reference from an ad.

Now that you have realised the true meaning of SEO and its benefits, you might want to get started with the correct SEO company in your country. So search for the best and watch your business grow like it never did before!


What is a digital marketing agency?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of services or products using the latest technologies, specifically through the Internet, but also including smartphones, display advertising or any other digital medium.

Talking about the definition given by Lee Oden (famous marketing blogger), he says – A term used to define the integrated marketing services used to engage, attract and transform customers online through the assistance of multiple channels.

From the above definitions, we can conclude that digital marketing is a marketing solution that includes the promotion of a brand via several electronic/digital media used to take the customer’s attention and convert them eventually.

Digital marketing basically consists of the following:
Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)
Mobile Marketing
Content Marketing
Video Marketing
Online Advertising (pay per click)
Email Marketing and
Social Media Marketing

Before going to the question “what is a digital marketing agency?” you should also know about traditional marketing and digital marketing as well as their difference.

For the past 10 years, there has been a downfall in the traditional marketing world due to the rising popularity of digital marketing as an effective medium when comes to results.

However, this situation doesn’t prove that traditional marketing has become obsolete! What it means is that more businesses large to small, are investing more of their resources into digital marketing mediums.

Traditional Marketing involves advertising through non-internet based mediums that catch the attention of consumers. These mediums are –
Print Media
Banners advertisement/billboards

The main and foremost aim of traditional marketing is to connect/involve as many people as possible. Online marketing differentiates itself by its methodology i.e. in this case – reaching people through the internet. The aim of inbound marketing is to allure customer leads, arrest those leads, and transform them into customers. Internet marketing has specifically been favourable among small to medium-sized businesses which:

May not be having a huge marketing budget and looking for a particular growth
Failure due to their out-dated marketing tactics.

What is a digital marketing agency?
A digital marketing agency is totally different from your traditional marketing agency in terms that they are specifically focused on online-based marketing in the digital environment. ROI and measurable marketing are the other two important terms in this field.

What does a digital agency do?
Like traditional agencies, digital agencies still care about a brand’s aesthetics and its design, but they differ in the field as their methodology has a technical base. For example – they will take design aspects as an essential point in the optimisation of their branding. That is to say that creating a website, they will think of search engine optimisation, branding and what ways they can get the website to stay at a higher rank on SERPs.

With parallel to these, they will include social media, content and other forms of marketing to enhance business growth, which generally necessitates getting more conversions.

What should an agency related to digital marketing do to your business and why should you go for it?
These kinds of agencies enhance your business – A digital marketing agency has the methodologies which will take over your marketing sector from scratch. For start-ups, their business experts will do a thorough check on your business’s needs and will implement a solid strategy to increase the profit.
They will actually work with your company to enhance productivity and efficiency. With their assistance, you will definitely work on a structured goal which is clearly defined to you.

Moreover, the aim of targeting and data needs a clear definition of your target customer, which is typically more particular than organisations currently have in place. When working in-sync with your digital marketing agency, you will get to know who your customer is and their purchasing habits. As stated earlier – digital marketing is much specified.

When you get to know your target well, you will govern what your specifications and messaging should be, to talk directly with your targeted consumer.

Your classified selling theory, as it merges to your ideal customer is what forms a “communication media” with the people who purchase from your company.

They popularize your brand online – Digital marketing agencies always have an eye on your online portal. They are constantly trying to improve your online specifications which are actually a great deal towards your brand popularity.

A highly productive, customer-focused website permits you to showcase your brand online. From there, a digital marketing agency will assist you in determining which channels and platforms should be used to reach your ideal customers.

An experienced digital marketing agency will level your company as a market director by making content that permits you to establish your brand jurisdiction and proficiency online. They will make and execute expert social media marketing strategies. It will, in turn, deliver a marketing ROI beyond any traditional marketing ever thought to produce.

These agencies will boost ROI of your business – One of the most important features which your digital marketing agency will provide is a high ROI (return on investment). This generally means you will achieve higher profit margins.

An experienced digital marketing agency will never stop resetting and pausing their strategy in order to enhance your ROI and improve your average efficiency. They will check your web traffic, select the best online base to invest in and simultaneously maintain the balance between the results they provide. They will also take a close look at the marketing activities for your company that needs to be focused on!

As you search for the best digital marketing agency for your business needs, you will go by the process which you normally execute when hiring a fresher in your company. Execute an intense background check before deploying your online marketing. Look through the sites and firms you are planning to take and do a thorough research on the company you are planning to work with. Now that you have gone about every aspect of a digital marketing agency, go to the best according to your needs and increase your ROI beyond your imaginations!


SEO and the Related Benefits

There are varied benefits of employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. Basically, SEO can be defined as a set of rules for companies to optimize their websites and increase their rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It has been found that users tend to click the topmost searches, which is why companies stand to gain as a result of using SEO techniques. Also, you get an opportunity to improve the quality of your website for enhancing the site’s user-friendliness, speed, and navigational features.

There are several search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing – among others. When users conduct a search on Google, then the matching results that pertain to the input query are seen displayed on the SERPs. Several factors are taken into account by the search engine algorithms and have a bearing on the order in which the results are seen appearing on the SERPs.

There are 2 categories that SEO can be broken down into, including On-site SEO and Off-site SEO. On-site pertains to the various features that can be applied to the sites for improving the website’s easy-to-use features. On the other hand, off-site SEO refers to the various promotional tools that are employed for increasing the popularity of the sites for gaining higher ranks in the search results.


In today’s fast-paced times, the importance of SEO is found to be increasing day-by-day and has come to be considered as an important marketing tool for businesses to widen their customer base. If you customize your website according to SEO protocols, you can avail the several linked advantages.

You can refer to the following details, to learn more about the significance of SEO during recent times.

Gain Competitive Edge

Companies can surge ahead of their competitors by optimizing their sites via SEO tools. This is because an SEO-enabled website is more likely to attract more clients and increase the company’s sales margin, than a non-optimized one.


In addition to SEO, there are several types of online marketing tools like social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC advertising. As compared to the rest, SEO proves to be a cost-effective option, provides a solid base for companies to heighten their online presence and gives you a good rate of investment (ROI).

Increase Traffic Numbers

If you want to increase traffic to your site, applying SEO techniques is an effective way of achieving the desired results. As mentioned earlier, the results that appear on top of the search pages, usually, get a higher number of clicks which in turn, helps to drive traffic to your site.

SEO Services


In order to establish your site as a trustworthy name, the application of SEO programs is the way forward. Google is trusted by the users and lends credibility to your business. If the browsers view your company among the top ranks, you can be sure to get more clients.

Improve Sales

An ideal way of generating sales is believed to be the use of SEO. If more traffic visits your site, then the chances of the browsers being converted into customers are relatively greater. As a result, your sales figures could record an increase.


Top SEO Trends to Expect This Year

If you want to stay at the top of the changing trends then you must avail SEO facility for your website so that you can easily able to reach all your targeted customers. It also not feasible to use those outdated techniques because it can lead to serious penalties and lower down your listing ranking in the search engine results pages of any browser. Thus, to use the resources fully it is important to follow the trends of this year.

Setting Up Valuable Backlinks
Definitely, like the other years, in 2019 also it will be crucial to developing valuable backlinks. But not doing so can seriously affect the ranking of the same as it is one of the sources which Google trusts. It is one of the places where quality is analyzed over quantity. It is advisable to have a high-quality link rather than having multiple links from the directories. Also, never consider the backlinks that come from any unassociated links. You never know, your competitors can provide you with poor links from any hacked sites.

Accelerate the Mobile Pages Properly
Page loading is definitely a boring factor. But, it can affect your page ranking because Google notices the same. If your page loads easily, you will get higher marks. Thus, this is the only reason why Google has invented a new project to load the mobile pages quickly. It helps to load any pages four times faster than the normal one. If you have the properties of JavaScript or HTML code, you can able to avail these features. But, the websites which run on content management process based on Drupal or WordPress cannot access this feature.

Developing Brand Awareness
It is very important to strengthen the brand of any business. SEO links will only be popular if you can able to recognize your brand physically. If your brand is listed on the top of SERPS, it is more likely that customers will definitely buy your products and services. A top brand will definitely able to collaborate with other like industries in the market. Also, you can use social media sites to promote your brand so that the awareness of any business increases. Though, the awareness will definitely able to bring you more traffic for your business.

Increase in Voice Search
Leveraging voice search is one of the top SEO trends and also affecting the same in 2019. Most of the people are navigating their searches through voice instead of typing questions. Definitely, it is more convenient for the people and easy to catch too. This also helps the SEO experts to include new keywords and phrases rapidly.

Ranking Depends on Quick Answer
Google sometimes display small snippets of information on the top of the page. The user definitely does not need to open the entire page to view the entire content. Instead of it, you will notice that Google itself extract out an answer and works according to it. Thus, it is important to look after such strategies to ensure that your website can be optimized fully.


Reorganize, Restructure and Optimize Your Digital Presence

This is a digital world where life is expanding beyond the local genesis and turning into a global idea; barriers and differences are dissolving. Business and enterprises are finding new customers, new avenues and bigger market through the unsurpassed communication capability of digital technology. And amidst the fluidity of digital ecosystem, organizations need to improve their digital capability to sustain because the consumers are becoming agile, expectant and experience oriented, and they want everything at their fingertips; otherwise, they are going to discard you as they did to the old cell phones and adopted Smartphone and smart devices.

Digital Marketing
And the need for digital marketing agency has significantly increased over the years; as a matter of fact, without straightforward and insightful digital marketing strategy, operating in this competitive market where shops and stores have lost the sense of physical reality and have become augmented realities with the adaptation and widespread acceptance of the e-commerce and e-stores.

From FMCG to Vehicles, medicines, and machines everything is selling online and through the sociability of the social media, love has also lost its sense of purity and getting commoditized. And in this global digital madness, you need Corporate SEO services to bring your brand out of the clutter and expose it to your target audience.

And it requires you to have a clear-cut strategy that can position your brand nicely, communicate crisply and propose the business idea bluntly because digital-consumers do not want to exercise their intellectual faculty to understand your message; if you fail to express your idea clearly, then you are likely to get thrashed and might find lying abandoned in some less glorified search page from where resurrection would remain as a biblical idea devoid of truth and clarity.

Business Growth
Hence, consult and hire search engine optimization company that can crystallize your brand message through superlative designs, hunt for your target audience on the web through effective SEO, communicate with your customers, persuade them to carry out business with you and increase your brand equity.

Because the digital media is on the brink of taking over the traditional media such as TV, radio, and print in terms of the ad spend amount in the next 6 months, you have to find Corporate SEO services to boost your marketing campaign on the digital platform that includes, website design, SEO, social media strategy for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Apparently, you have to locate an experienced search engine optimization company that can offer you a comprehensive solution because Google is showing zero or no tolerance for mindless SEO strategy and only an expert organization with tech-geeks can handle this highly complicated business of SEO that demands expertise, skills, and understanding.

In fact, this is a great time to capitalize on the opportunities of the digital platform because consumers are discarding old way of media consumption and increasingly turning towards digital media. And you cannot afford to ignore this platform; actually, digital marketing should be the priority because your consumers are prioritizing communication as the central idea of life and everything is revolving around it. So, hire digital marketing agency and boost your digital-economy


Searching for SEO for realtors? We specialize in SEO for estate agents

Search engine optimization is the method of manipulating the online discoverability of a website or a webpage in the net search engine’s unpaid outcomes-often known as “earned”, “natural” or “organic” results.

In today’s world, SEO is said to be the ultimate form of internet marketing strategy. It features into matters on how search engines work, the machine programmed formulations which commands search engine behaviour, the specific keywords typed into search engines, what people are looking for, and what types of search engines do the targeted audience prefer.

Optimizing a website may include manipulating its content, merging new content, working on HTML, and associated coding to both enhance its relevance to specific keywords and to eliminate hurdles to the optimizing activities of search engines. When it’s a matter of promoting a site, it increases the count of backlinks or links related to inbounds which is another tactic of SEO.

Coming to the importance of SEO in the real estate sector, there happen to be hundreds of them. Real estate has always been among the top priority of the investors. Nowadays, a new housing complex, which is still in its construction phase, gets bookings beforehand. As a matter of fact, for the places which have hospitals and multiplexes nearby become very famous in no time but the ones which don’t have these facilities don’t get to spreads that much among the people.

Hence real estate agents in case of the latter suffer a lot when it comes to publicizing a new project in that area. They find solutions on how to reach maximum people and make them aware of the fact that in the next three years, that place is also going to have hospitals and multiplexes.

Thus the agents, nowadays, started to merge SEO in the real estate sites. As told earlier that SEO boost the behaviour of search engines, especially when it comes down to publicizing, it proves to be very beneficial to the real estate agents who are having difficulty in doing that. If you are also thinking to implement the same, then here are some of the basic SEO tips for improving your real estate website:

Execute an SEO audit – Running an SEO audit is basically the smartest way to initialize. In fact, an audit is essential if you want to develop your real estate site for local search. If your website fails to rank locally, generate leads, convert clients or run any organic traffic and find out why it happened. When you are conducting a local SEO audit, concentrate on these –

  • Page structure
  • Usability
  • Site structure
  • Links
  • Content

Mobile optimization – Once you are done with all the SEO set up, try considering mobile optimization. According to the reports, nearly 50% of real estate searches are done through mobile or say smartphones. Nowadays, smartphones are used by everyone and everywhere. Plus point is that they are portable devices and much more flexible to use. Just make sure that your potential gets to use your website easily on any device. Things to consider while doing it are-

  • Usability
  • Responsive design
  • Flexible site navigation
  • Hosting speed
  • Page loading speed
  • Conversions
  • Site search
  • Homepage
  • Forms

Go for website optimization – According to the trend, when you are doing mobile optimization then you should also consider doing it to your website. A perfectly developed website is vital if you want to visualize yourself in the local results. Look after all the SEO essentials involving –

  • SEO friendly URLs
  • SSL Certificate
  • Keywords analysis and research
  • Redirects
  • Content optimization
  • XML Sitemap
  • W3C Validation
  • Avoiding broken links
  • Development of meta-descriptions and tags.

Register your listings and business directories – To authenticate your drive backlinks and business directories, you need to register your organization with similar businesses and real estate based listing and directories.

  • Make a list of sites/directories in which you want to register
  • Prepare data for new accounts, etc.
  • Complete the accounts and maintain them frequently
  • After gaining momentum, look for new opportunities
  • Set up logos of registered sites/directories on your site.

In the end, it is evident that you get two in one feature – enhance you organic SEO stats and build additional sales channels.

Initiate a Blog – You require a blog. Perfectly developed content that expresses the requirements of your targeted audience is your way to influence local search results.

Make the most out of social media channels – This is another powerful point of merging SEO ideas into real estate promotions. It boosts your SEO efforts and gathers a more targeted audience. It will assists you in:

  • Driving more traffic
  • Reach your target audience
  • Enhance exposure
  • Transform the traffic into sales and customers.

Build and develop video content – This is the point which will prove you exceptional aVideoe others. Video content is a great way to drive the traffic towards you. Your audience will be pleased to see those promotional videos and will find you reliable. As there won’t be any trust issues, you will gain stable traffic easily. Consider these types of video content-

  • Neighbourhood video excursions
  • Q&A live stream
  • Virtual tours (also include 360 tours)
  • Ranking Videos
  • Open house videos

Now, if you find it difficult to conduct all those above steps you can contact us on our official page. As a team, we help the real estate agents like you to get through all the hurdles that come in the way. By now you have got an idea that the above points are just the basic ones; because there are more to them.

Only a professional team can carry them out. AmelCS not only follow these basic steps but also provide some of the professional SEO features like improving your ranking in SERPs, gaining feature snippets etc. Our team consists of high-end professionals who have gained experience from their years of work in SEO. Hence, they are pre-organized and know what to do once they get their task at hand.

We are totally a client-centric firm who treat their clients in the best way possible. We follow up with our clients during the proceedings and help them get to the point which they dream of.