Basic Static Website

Web pages that consist of the same content and are coded in HTML are known as static website. It is one of the easiest sites to create and do not require database design or web programming. Making some HTML pages and publishing them to a web server is sufficient for static web design. Our company, Ameliorate Corporate Solutions Private Limited is a static website design company that offers a wide range of facilities to our clients.

Following are some of the benefits that come with the basic static websites that we design for our clients:

  • Sending Newsletters – It is possible to send informative newsletters on a regular basis to the email addresses that have been captured.
  • Community building – Static websites allow visitors and viewers to respond and comment which can be insightful and help in the growth of the business.
  • Contact forms – It allows the addition of contact forms without the need for any backend coding.
  • Live chat – It enables live chats with visitors to help solve any queries that they might be facing.
  • E-commerce – Static websites can handle simple e-commerce, which makes it easier for potential customers to make payments in a secure manner.
  • Surveys – Adding surveys to the static websites promote a better understanding of the viewers’ response and requirements.
  • Capability to search – Static websites has the full searching ability making them very convenient to manage.
  • Backends – Authentication and full backends are available for static websites.
  • Monitoring – There are several analytical tools that can report the activities of the site’s viewers.
  • Embeddable content – Content that can be integrated into the static website are widely available.
  • Tracking errors – There is a range of trackers that can be used to point out any errors in the static site in real-time and corrected at the earliest.


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