Online Reputation Management

Management of a company’s brand on various platforms like blogs, public forums, search engines, social networking sites, news sites and other such spaces that constitute the online community is known as Online Reputation Management. Our company – Ameliorate Corporate Solutions Private Limited also offers clients online reputation management services.

Following are the primary processes through which our company facilitates reputation management services:

  • Monitoring – We are continually monitoring our clients’ brands to ensure that we know every detail about it. We keep a track on the response of the viewers, number of views, etc. There are many social media tools that we use to maintain a constant check on the brands. Google alerts, Yahoo alerts, Twitter search and social mentions are commonly used to know what is being said about the brand. The videos, hashtags, retweets and mentions all make up a larger picture that is indicative of response that the brand is getting and the kind of reputation it is building among the public.
  • Prevention – The name of the company, the owner, brands, its products and services, usernames, high profile employees, etc. are all an integral part of the business. We work to prevent any possible damage to the reputation of these parts as it may cause a severe blow to the entire company. Particular care should be taken that none of these names is associated with any malpractice or offence on any platform.
  • Cleaning – Although, we ensure that our clients’ brand always has a good reputation, sometimes some clients require our services for damage control. Under such circumstances, we take the necessary steps to clean up the bad reputation that the brand has already run into. This is usually done by first contacting the site causing the bad reputation and asking them to remove the content, failing which we approach the government to take legal action against them.
Online Reputation Management

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