If you have decided to convert your website to WordPress then you have already won half the battle. The WordPress theme will make your site eye-catch and user-friendly at the same time offer the best of SEO support from within.

So, the best way to have such conversion of PSD to WordPress is to be in contact with the best of designing team who can effectively make such a conversion.

The Steps That Would Lead To A Proper Conversion

When you get in contact with Ameliorate Corporate Solutions Private Limited; a web designing company, we will follow certain steps so that such conversion can be effectively made. It is good to know about these steps so that you can ensure that we have followed exactly when conversion of PSD to WordPress is done.

Slice the PSD: This is the first step that is followed to have an effective conversion. We will cut your PSD into different segments so that each attribute is saved in different files. For this we will be using Adobe Photoshop to have such effective slicing of the PSD. We will be doing this slicing very carefully as the slightest of mistake can make the final website messy.

Creation of index.html and Style.css: This is the next step that we will be following. Static HTML and CSS template will be created from the PSD design developed. Then we will be place the images that you desire and the sliced components effective in correct place using index.html and CSS file. It is better to follow a responsive design so that your website looks great on any device.

Put the WordPress environment: We will be following the specific file structure of WordPress to introduce the WordPress environment into the basic template that is created. The reputed organizations will be having the best of professionals to make such environment happen so that the best of WordPress site can be created.

Inbuilt Functionality to be introduced: We will be taking help of WordPress tags to introduce the amazing inbuilt features of WordPress into your website.

Following these steps, you can have the best of conversion of PSD to WordPress.


Why Have WordPress Site

You may be thinking why to have such a conversion. There are many reasons as to have such a conversion. Let us have a look at some of those.

The first and foremost reason is that it is free to be used as it is open-source in nature. You can expect to get free support and help from the community whenever you please. It is easy to learn and use than any other platform. The best part is that it is by itself search engine optimized. You can further use plugins to make it friendlier and have the best of ranking.

It is safe and secure and easy to manage. You can be assured that your site cannot be manipulated as it is developed using WordPress.

So, have such a conversion made by reputed web design organization and have a site which allows you to have the desired business growth.

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