Search Engine Marketing

Advertisers place their bids on certain keywords and phrases that are used most commonly by users when they search for information on various search engines. Once the advertiser pays for a particular keyword, his/her advertisement is shown along with the searched keyword on the search engine result pages. This practice is known as search engine marketing. It is one of the most effective ways to grow one’s business as the ads are shown to people who are ready to buy the product or service in the same instance.  We also offer the facilities of a search engine marketing agency at Ameliorate Corporate Solutions Private Limited.

Following are some of the important factors that we include in our search engine marketing services:

  • Research for Keywords – We conduct a thorough analysis to determine which keywords will be profitable and relevant for use in our client’s advertisement. Moreover, there are free keyword tools available that help us with the most common search inputs and also give an idea of the negative keywords that need to be excluded.
  • Structuring – Correct structuring of the keywords and the account is essential. We provide these services to our clients for lower costs per click, higher click-through rates and better performance, overall. If the structuring is done wisely, more ads can be attached to the site.
  • Ad auction for search engine marketing – The ad auction happens whenever a user searches something on the search engine. The advertiser then bids on the keyword and offers the price per click that he/she is willing to pay. Search engines like Google do not allow advertisements for every keyword. They choose ads from among the bidders based on the quality score of the commercial and the amount that the bidder is willing to pay.
Search Engine Marketing

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