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Wordpress is a content management system that has an open source and is free to use. It is based on MySQL and PHP. It needs the assistance of internet hosting or a network hosting service as it needs installing on a web server. WordPress website design is trending in the digital realm in recent times. Our company, Ameliorate Corporate Solutions Private Limited also functions as a WordPress web development company that offers quality services to its customers around the world.

Following are some advantages of using WordPress:

  • Popularity – WordPress is the leading content management system in the current scenario. Most of the websites use WordPress, meaning that most users are familiar with its working. Therefore, employees do not need to be given much training to build new sites.
  • Chance of expansion with an open source – No cost is incurred for downloading, upgrading and installation. There are many WordPress plug-ins such as SEO optimization, contact forms, slideshows, etc. that are free for the use of customers. It is easy to become a WordPress expert with the video manuals, restore functions and easy website backup that are available.
  • Customization – WordPress allows changes in layout and several modifications to the application due to its flexible framework. The websites are not limited to enterprise extensions as they can be combined with extensions generated by users. A wide range of plug-ins can be combined to create a website design that is most suitable to cater to the varied demands of customers having different sites.
  • User-friendly – As mentioned before, WordPress is very simple to use and is not made for the sole use of designers. Anyone who wishes to use online services can follow the manuals to complete their work on WordPress successfully.
  • Lower cost of maintenance – WordPress websites has a lower maintenance cost compared to its alternatives.
wordpress websites

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